Commercial Kitchen Layout Planning & Design

We offer free consultation including site visit, layout planning & design to our client’s to improve the work efficiency and a smooth workflow in the kitchen.


Customized Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Fabrication

In order to utilize different kitchen layout and space. We provide customized stainless steel kitchen equipment according to our client’s specifications.


Exhaust hood & Ducting installation

Besides the exhaust hood, we also provide ducting installation services to ensure our client’s to have a smooth air ventilation system for their kitchen.


Food Truck Equipment Design & Installation

To able to meet different concept of kitchens, we also help our client’s to design & install food truck kitchen concept to add into our range of services.


Warranty and After-sales Maintenance Services

We provide one year warranty on all our kitchen equipment to assure our client’s confidence. After the warranty period, we provide repair and maintenance services towards our kitchen equipment.

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